Sometimes I just don’t feel like hanging out with anyone at all. 

I’ve heard many times that people are deep. “Even in my whole life time, I will never completely get to know you.” Or the spouting that we all have different perspectives and different thoughts. No one will understand you or your thoughts completely. 

No. People are predictable. So sickeningly predictable that it sometimes bores me to death. The same “how are you”, “how’s school”, “wanna eat?” conversations. The same tone of voice, the same person wearing the same clothes in the same places with the same plans.

Predictable. What is the point in calling up a friend to go out for lunch when you know exactly what’s going to happen? Meet at the restaurant. Small talk. Eat some food. More talk.  A goodbye. Why go when I can imagine it perfectly? 

Friends are good company. They do shape you and help you as you go along life’s path. They’re needed so that you can mature and grow. But I can’t help but think they’re like stray cats. They follow you when you pet them and feed them, but they’ll fall away eventually down the road. When they no longer need you, when you need them to do something big for you, or maybe when you go back home after college, they disappear just like that.  Okay maybe stray cats is a bit too rough. But think about it—with family you get into big arguments and you make up a few days or weeks after. With friends you get into a big argument and your friendship is shattered. And why do we not pick up the pieces and glue them back together like we do with our family? Because we don’t see the friendship as worth it. There is of course special cases. But depressing huh? 

I would like a spontaneous exciting life. BANG! go skydiving. BOOM! go on a cross-country biking trip. WHIZ! go to Africa for a year and volunteer. KAZHAM! move to Europe and get a job. But of course all these things take money. ha. Well…I wake up in the morning and go to classes. I scarf down some lunch and study a lot. I go to church and I go back to sleep at night. Spontaneity right now might be the decision between Douglass and Danforth. 

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